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Kristin's everyday Greeting and Holiday cards also available as blank note cards.

You can purchase individual cards, 8 card minimum ($3 each card) with envelopes for $24.00 + s & h.

CARD SALE: 2 boxes for the price of one $25 (12 Cards in a box) each box may be a different card

sales tax where applicable

For Wholesale information please contact us via email

To Order please email your order to us.

Send an email orderthat includes the card number and amount of individual cards or boxes of cards. Please include your shipping address, so we can determine shipping and handling.  Also if you which type of payment you wish to use.

  • We accept the following types of payments: PayPal, personal check or cashiers check.
  • Allow 2 - 3 weeks after receipt of check. Cashiers Check will be processed and shipped within 3-4 days.
  • We ship back to you by US Priority Mail.

For example if you want to order 8 individual cards:
2- GREKT2511 "Icing"
2- KT255 "Nana At The Door"...blank card
1- KT255 "Nana At The Door"...blank card
3- GREKT2512 "The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"

If you would like to order boxed cards your order would look like this:
1- box of GREKT2512 "The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"
2- boxes of GREKT2512 "The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"
3- boxes of KT255 "Nana At The Door"...blank card

Please click on an image to see the cards larger
"The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"
kristin nelson
GREKT2512 "The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"

greeting: i love you!

KT2512 "The Way is Peace - The Road is Love"...blank card
"Nana At The Door"
kristin nelson
KT255 "Nana At The Door"...blank card
"Good Eggs"
kristin nelson
KT255 "Nana At The Door"...blank card

greeting: Happy Easter!

KT2518 "Good Eggs"... blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2511 "Icing"


Kristin Nelson

KT2511 "Icing"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT252 "Babes"

greeting: Happy Birthday Baby!

KT252 "Babes"...blank card
"No Nukes"
kristin nelson
GREKT2515 "No Nukes"

greeting: Happy Home!

KT2515 "No Nukes"...blank card
"Get Together"
kristin nelson
KT253 "Get Together"...blank card
"Kids of Camp Oakland"
kristin nelson
GREKT2524 "Kids of Camp Oakland"


May your heart find peace
and the spirit ot the season be with you always

KT2524 "Kids of Camp Oakland"...blank card
kristin nelson
KT2528 "Homecoming"...blank card
"Happy Bday"
kristin nelson
GREKT2526 "Happy Bday"

greeting: ...and many more!

KT2526 "Happy Bday"...blank card
"Angel Babies"
Kristin Nelson
GREKT2523 "Angel Babies"

greeting: Listen! for the angels sing!

KT2523 "Angel Babies"...blank card
"Kid Night"
kristin nelson
GREKT2527 "Kid Night"

greeting: Happy Halloween!

KT2527 "Kid Night"...blank card
"Harmons of the Heartland"
kristin nelson
GREKT2522 "Harmons of the Heartland"

greeting: Love, happiness and dreams come true!

KT2522 "Harmons of the Heartland"...blank card
"Safe at Home"
kristin nelson
KT2529 "Safe at Home"...blank card
"Midnight Clear"
kristin nelson
GREKT2525 "Midnight Clear"

greeting: Glad Tidings of Peace and Joy

KT2525 "Midnight Clear"...blank card
"Land of the Free"
kristin nelson
KT251 "Land of the Free"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT254 "Woody"

greeting: Peace on Earth

KT254 "Woody"...blank card
"All is Calm All is Bright"
kristin nelson
GREKT259 "All is Calm All is Bright"


May your holidays be blessed with peace and joy

KT259 "All is Calm All is Bright"...blank card
"I Remember Christmas"
kristin nelson

KT258 "I Remember Christmas"...blank card

"Rock n' Roll Lulabye"
kristin nelson
GREKT2513 "Rock n' Roll Lulabye"

greeting: Happy Mother's Day!

KT2513 "Rock n' Roll Lulabye"...blank card
"Upon a Star"
kristin nelson
GREKT257 "Upon a Star"

greeting: With Love on This Special Day

KT257 "Upon a Star"...blank card
"The Neighborhood"
kristin nelson
GREKT2517 "The Neighborhood"

greeting: You're my hero!

KT2517 "The Neighborhood"...blank card
"Vacant Lot"
kristin nelson
KT256 "Vacant Lot"...blank card
"Red Flowers"
kristin nelson
GREKT2516 "Red Flowers"

greeting: Be My Valentine!

KT2516 "Red Flowers"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2514 "Flutterbye"

greeting: Thank you
..... .......so very much

KT2514 "Flutterbye"...blank card
"Day After Christmas"
kristin nelson
GREKT2510 "Day After Christmas"

greeting: Peace on Earth

KT2510 "Day After Christmas"...blank card
"Freedom Rock"
kristin nelson
GREKT2521 "Freedom Rock"

greeting: Celebrate!

KT2521 "Freedom Rock"...blank card
"Special Angels"
kristin nelson
GREKT2519 "Special Angels"

greeting: Welcome to the World!

KT2519 "Special Angels"...blank card
"Family Ties"
kristin nelson
GREKT2520 "Family Ties"

greeting: All the happiness in the World!

KT2520 "Family Ties"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2542 "Yanks"

greeting: Happy Birthday

KT2542 "Yanks"...blank card
"In our own way, to be free"
kristin nelson
GREKT2538 "In our own way, to be free"

greeting: You are my sunshine

KT2538 "In our own way, to be free"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2539 "Wintertree"


Hurt not the earth, neither the sea nor the trees

-Revelations. 7:3

KT2539 "Wintertree"...blank card
"House of Breslin"
kristin nelson
GREKT2533 "House of Breslin"


Give me a house by the side of the road and let me be a friend to man.

KT2533 "House of Breslin"...:blank card
"The Kennedys in the White House"
kristin nelson
KT2541 "The Kennedys in the White House"...blank card
"Snowy Farm"
kristin nelson
GRREKT2531 "Snowy Farm"


May your heart find peace and the spirit of the season be with you always

KT2531 "Snowy Farm"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2530 "Who"

greeting: A wish for peace

KT2530 "Who"...blank card
"And Then We'll Be Happy"
kristin nelson
GREKT2534 "And Then We'll Be Happy"

greeting: Treasure your love

KT2534 "And Then We'll Be Happy"...blank card
kristin nelson
GREKT2537 "Backroad"


Thinking of you in your sorrow and wishing you strength in the days ahead

KT2537 "Backroad"...blank card
"Supposing It Snowed"
kristin nelson
GREKT2532 "Supposing It Snowed"


Home is where the heart is. Happy Holidays

KT2532 "Supposing It Snowed"...blank card
"The Kids at Home"
kristin nelson
GREKT2536 "The Kids at Home"

greeting: Thank you so very much

KT2536 "The Kids at Home"...blank card
"Boca de Baca"
kristin nelson
KT2540 "Boca de Baca"...blank card
"Safe House"
kristin nelson
GREKN2543 "Safe House"


We are all God's creatures - great and small
Be kind to one another

"The Flyers Club"
kristin nelson
#44 KN2544 "The Flyers Club"


Happiness, Joy and Peace
............. Please

KN2544 "The Flyers Club"...blank card
"The Sweetest Thing"
kristin nelson
#45 GREKN2545 "The Sweetest Thing"


Happiness, Joy and Peace

KN2544 "The Flyers Club"...blank card
"Nine Dog Noel"
kristin nelson
GREKN2546 "Nine Dog Noel"


We are all God's creatures - great and small
Be kind to one another

KN2546 "Nine Dog Noel"...blank card
"Santa Fe Smiling"
kristin nelson
*outside of card reads:

One Heart

One Mind

One Spirit

... Peace in the world

KN2547 "Santa Fe Smiling"...blank card*
"Peace in the Heart"
kristin nelson
GREKN2547 "Peace In The Heart"

greeting: Peace In Your Heart

kristin nelson
GREKN2549 "Viva"


May all men know
the Love and Good
that come with Peace
and Brotherhood

KN2549 "Viva"...blank card
"A Little Life"
kristin nelson
*outside of card reads:

Let there be Peace on Earth
and let it begin within

KN2550 "A Little Life"...blank card*
kristin nelson
KNP2 "Yanks" 1 unframed $50.00, 1 framed $250
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